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The Mukhtar is a minor antagonist in the Aladdin TV series. He is the last surviving member of a race of Mukhtars, otherwise known as Genie hunters.

Role in the series

The Mukhtar appears in two episodes, Genie Hunt and The Hunted. In the former of these, he works for one of Genie's former master, Ajed Al-Gebraic, to capture Genie and put him into his service again. In the latter, he is hired by Mozenrath to capture Genie so that Mozenrath could entrap him in the Crystal of Ix and steal his powers, but ends up turning on Mozenrath and helping Aladdin rescue Genie after he saves him from a giant monstrous killer plant inside Mozenrath's palace. At the end of the episode, Genie and the Mukhtar part as friends.

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