The Book of Khartoum
Season 3, Episode 3
Ep 81
Air date September 30, 1995
Written by Mark Seidenberg
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 80: Riders Redux
Episode 82: While the City Snoozes


Genie and Eden are going out on the anniversary of the first time they met and madly fell for one another, but Mozenrath has other plans. He takes Genie captive and uses him to energize a furnace and create a Philosopher's Stone to further increase his own magical abilities, as per the instructions of Khartoum, an extraordinarily strong and evil sorcerer trapped on the cover of his own creation.

When Aladdin, Eden and the others learn of this, they go after Genie, but soon Eden too is trapped- tricked by Mozenrath into exchanging her life for Genie's, they both end up powering the machine, and aging rapidly.

Meanwhile, Mozenrath completes the Philosopher's Stone and discovers that he himself has been taken advantage of by Khartoum: rather than increase Mozenrath's own magical strength and abilities tremendously, it successfully releases Khartoum from his book.

Aladdin releases both Genie and Eden, who use the legendary Genie Embrace to restore each other's powers fully, and they easily defeat Khartoum by grabbing the Philosopher's Stone and sending it into space, as it will soon self-destruct anyway; thus imprisoning Khartoum in his own magical book again for good. Afterward, Genie and Eden think of their adventure as their big anniversary.

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