Shark Treatment
Season 1, Episode 55
Ep 55
Air date January 6, 1995
Written by Mirith J. Colao
Directed by Rob LaDuca
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Episode 54: Armored and Dangerous
Episode 56: Black Sand


Saleen sinks a ship bound for Agrabah with a valuable statue to lure out Aladdin, and places a curse that turns him into a shark so she can have him all to herself. As Genie, Abu, and Iago have difficulty getting her necklace to reverse the curse, they realize that Saleen's sidekick, the octopus Armand, might be the key needed to get the necklace to cure Aladdin, as he has developed a grudge of being pushed aside in favor of Aladdin.


After Saleen sinks a Golden Paiush Statue, Aladdin and his friends go on a search for it to retrieve it. Armand later attacks the gang while Saleen throws a starfish that was hanging around her neck at Aladdin. It leaves a pink star-shaped mark on Aladdin's chest.

After Armand ruins the ship, the gang get on the island the statue was on. While Genie and Iago argue about who's in charge, Aladdin and Abu go find the statue. Aladdin ties a rope around him, leaving Abu to watch it while he's underwater getting the statue. But he gets caught by Armand and ties the rope around him.

Abu senses that something is wrong and goes to Genie and Iago. The three see Aladdin swim like a fish. Later, when Abu goes back to Aladdin, Aladdin's hands and feet turn into flippers. After going to Genie and Iago, Aladdin starts growling and starts to turn into a shark. Saleen later takes Aladdin to the ocean with her. Aladdin turns into a shark completely as Saleen orders him to do underwater acrobatics.

Armand becomes jealous of Aladdin and tries to remove the starfish from Saleen, but Aladdin pushes him out of the way. The two are about to fight, but Saleen quickly stops them and tells Armand to leave them alone. Genie, Iago, and Abu see that Saleen's starfish turned Aladdin into a shark. Saleen makes Aladdin attack the gang, but Aladdin fails.

Genie, Abu, and Iago suggest that they have Armand help them remove the necklace to save Aladdin. After removing Saleen's necklace, Abu breaks the starfish in half, making the pink star-shaped mark on Aladdin's chest disappear and Aladdin turns back into human.

Genie then puts Aladdin on land aladdin starts to transform back his body becomes smaller as a outline starts to appear on the top of his head. That then turns black as Aladdin's head continues to get smaller. As this is happening the black then grows into hair, as his body gets smaller Aladdin's black hair starts to get longer, and more flowing. Aladdin's hair finishes growing as his skin becomes brown as his face becomes human like. We then pan down as alddins white under belly turns brown like the rest of his body and his fins become webbed hands. .When Saleen is trying to attack Abu, Armand traps her in a fish bowl.

At dusk, while the gang is leaving with the Golden Paiush Statue, Armand removes the fish bowl from Saleen and the two become friends again.

Character Debut



  • Aladdin
  • Genie
  • Saleen
  • Armand
  • Abu
  • Lago



  • Aladdin's clothes disappear when he transforms.
  • Genie couldn't turn Aladdin back to normal.
  • When Aladdin begins to transform back to his shark the star on Aladdin's chest is still present even though it disappears when Abu broke the starfish.
  • At the end of the episode Saleen's skin colour is brown along with her hair and her clothes are a different colour.


  • Saleen's and Armand's final appearance.
  • It's unknown how Aladdin and the others got the statue.
  • The magazine Genie is reading has the character Ariel on it.

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