Full name



Daughter of the Water, Belle of the Swell, Siren of the Sea (All called by herself)






Mermaid, ship wrecker, Water elemental




Aladdin Jasmine Genie Iago Abu Carpet

Voiced by

Julie Brown


She is a mermaid with the fish part of her body representing a lionfish. She has long red hair tied at the end and she wears a matching orange crown and blue earrings.


She is vain, sheming, bratty and spoiled. She sees herself as the most important and beautiful and also sees everything as a game. She is sadistic, having caused numerous ship wrecks and trying to steal Aladdin not because she liked him or found him attractive but simply thought it would be a fun game to win him over away from Jasmine. she is also spiteful, holding a grudge against Aladdin for rejecting her.


"Elemental, My Dear Jasmine"

She kidnaps Jasmine, after seeing the Princess being ridiculed by Aladdin and Saleen decides to have him for herself and curses the Princess to remain in the ocean, but the curse will be broken once she returns. While Saleen goes onto land, Jasmine uses Saleen's lair which has enchanted water to connect with any water source and find Aladdin. Saleen is unsuccessful in seducing Aladdin, who loves Jasmine and angers her. Jasmine informs Genie of how to free her and the group tricks Saleen by taking her to a fake seafood restaurant (created by Genie) allowing them to use a hidden trapdoor to send her back to the water, thus breaking the curse. Saleen then faces Aladdin and Jasmine while Armand holds off the rest of the group. Aladdin and Jasmine hold her off long to enough for Genie to get rid of both Saleen and Armand.

"Shark Treatment"

She steals a valuable statue bound for Agrabah to lure Aladdin. Once Aladdin arrives, she curses Aladdin using her Starfish, slowly transforming him into a shark under her control, treating him as a pet and using him as a replacement for Armand. Genie takes advantage of this to get Armand to join them and restore aladdin to normal.


As a water elemental, she has control over water, able to form a gaint fist of water to hit Genie or simply use it to harm others. She can also change herself to human and travel to different locations through her water portals.



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