Full name

Premier Grand Marshall Frail Vizier Runta






Former Vizier of Odifierous


His yak


Prince Uncouthma, Brawnhilda, Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago, Carpet, Abu, Genie

Voiced by

Michael Jeter


Stinker Belle


He is a short bearded man with black hair and wears a cape with a brown shirt and black pants. He wears a blue pointed hat with fur lining.


He is a treacherous vizier who is willing to murder Prince Uncouthma to become the next ruler. He is cunning and intelligent but puny and weak. He is also cowardly. While he is sneaky and intelligent, he can also be clumsy and careless.


Prince Uncouthma introduces Runta to Aladdin as his Royal Vizier and he's going to do the wedding speech. When Uncouthma leaves with the gang, Runta calls his small yak, Zeebu, to get revenge on the barbarian prince and steal Brawnhilda from Uncouthma so he can rule over Odiferous. He tries to scare the yaks with a spider to send them on rampage and kill Uncouthma, but he surives with no injuries. At the wedding ceremony, when Uncouthma and Brawnhilda are at the altar, Runta makes Zeebu eat a rope so that a yak that is hanging at the ceiling will fall and land on Uncouthma, but Uncouthma is alright. When Runta finds out that Brawnhilda likes Aladdin, he decides to kill him too. At a lake, he and Zeebu unleash a boar on Aladdin, but Brawnhilda defeats it. Runta's last plot is to replace the hammers to be used in Aladdin and Uncouthma's duel for exploding cheese hammers that explode upon impact. Genie discovers this and trys to tell the two about the mallets but the mallets go of anyway, causing Brawnhilda to run to help Uncouthma. Runta continues the wedding procession in prison.

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