Queen Hippsodeth
Queen Hippsodeth
Full name

Queen Hippsodeth of the Galifems




Isle of Galafems


Queen of Galafems


Scara, Galifems, Sultan

Voiced by

Kate Mulgrew


She appears as a tall lean woman who is somewhat elderly. She wears a Grecian white dress with Grecian sandels. She has long brown hair that sticks out similar to a pompadour and she wears golden arm bands and a golden helmet and a golden necklace.


She is merciless and cruel, as shown when she considered torturing Aladdin and his friends before jasmine intervened and distracted her. She has a high regard for strong female warriors and will kidnap them and try to coerce them to join her. She also has a low opinion of men, but this seems to change after losing to the Sultan and falling for him. She is serious and demands perfection and for everything to go her way. She is a skilled warrior and a very aggressive combatant. Though she is ladylike, she can lose her composure and temper easily when things don't go her way. She is very cunning in the way she hunts down her prey which leads to her having an arrogant attitude. Despite some of these negative traits, she genuinely cares for other people such as her Galifem warriors and later the Sultan, going up against King Pector to protect him. She also shows a forgiving side, having saved the Sultan despite receiving an insulting letter from him (the letter was actually written by Jasmine while the insulting parts were written by Iago).


As the Queen of the Galifems, she is the most superior combatant, being skilled in archery and driving a winged horse chariot. She is cunning and knows when to attack her opponents at the correct moment.


A Sultan Worth His Salt

Queen Hippsodeth and her Galifem warriors kidnapped Jasmine and bested Razoul, the royal guards, and Rajah to forcefully initiate Jasmine in their group. When Aladdin and the others try to rescue her, The Sultan insists on going along. She pus Jasmine through a series of tests, the last of which is to kill the intruders Aladdin and his friends. Jasmine tricks her and everyone manages to escape. She tries to stop them, telling Jasmine they were her new family but it is Sultan who manages to stop her, besting her in combat and Genie catching her, putting her in the falling cart with Scara into the river.

From Hippsodeth, With Love

Queen Hippsodeth is now in love the Sultan for defeating her and she asks him on a date.