Prince Wazoo
Prince Wazoo



Unknown kingdom


Prince of Unknown Kingdom


Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie, Carpet, Rajah, Abu, Iago

Voiced by

Jim Cummings


Do the Rat Thing


He is a prince who wears gaudy clothing consisting of a purple sleeved shirt underneath red vest with puffed up shoulder blades and a red sash and dark red pants. He wears a turban with a green jewel in the middle.


He is snooty who judges others based on appearance, wealth and social status. He believes he can represent feelings through the material worth of an object and is extremely snooty and condescending. He is extremely wealthy and is not afraid to show it, as shown when he snuffs a merchant saying his gold and jewels were "too common". He is narcissistic, but also a coward, particularly towards rats. He is also merciless, willing to kill rats simply because he doesn't like them.


Wazoo is first trying to get Jasmine to marry him, but the princess refuses to do so. Wazoo says the street rat does not deserve her and while feeling her hair notices a rat. He continues to criticize Aladdin and the others throughout the day, even as they head to the market to buy Jasmine a gift, with Wazoo claiming everything was too common and annoying everyone with his snotty attitude. He and the others wait for Jasmine before starting the banquet but she and Iago arrive as a rat and a lizard. Wazoo tries to kill her but she outmaneuvers him, causing him to fall into a pond. Genie manages to recognize her and Iago and transform them back to normal, leaving Wazoo disappointed his princess was a rat and he gives up on her.


He hates rats.