Prince Achmed is an antagonist of Aladdin.

Prince Achmed
Prince Achmed.
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Prince Achmed










His horse


Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine, Rajah

Voiced by

Corey Burton


He wears extravagant, gaudy clothes. He wears dark pink clothing complete with a pink turban with a stone in the middle and feathers on top


He is arrogant, haughty and rude. He believes due to his upbringing and higher social status that he is superior to others. He is also cruel and abusive, ready to beat small children simply for accidentally running in front of his horse. He is referred to by Jasmine as overdressed and pompous while Aladdin refers to him as an ass subtly. He's condescending and verbally abrasive as well, as he tells Aladdin he is a street rat and how no one will mourn him but his fleas. While he was a suitor for Princess Jasmine, he more than likely sought out the marriage for her beauty, wealth and social status rather than for her personality and as a result. He is ruthless, selfish, unkind, vain, pompous, relentless, intelligent, negative, crabby, envious, ambitious, conceited, harsh, mean-spirited, emotional, dramatic, persnickety, reckless, immature, nefarious, cocky, evil, athletic, crude, hot-tempered, malicious, eager, determined and snobbish. He is also fairly narcissistic given his way of dressing and looking down on others.


He is shown riding his horse to the palace where two men say he is yet another suitor for the princess. Kaveed and Yani then accidentally run in front of his horse. As punishment, he attempts to whip them until Aladdin intervenes, saying if he had as much money as him he could afford some manners. The prince then looks down on by shoving him in a mud puddle and telling him that he is a street rat and will be nothing more and that the only one to mourn him would be his fleas. Aladdin then says how his horse has two behinds.

Later, Achmed leaves the palace with his pants torn, having been rejected by Princess Jasmine and played with by Rajah, complaining to The Sultan that no one would want to marry her. Jasmine tells Sultan that Rajah was playing with him and says how he was pompous and overdressed, showing how little she thought of him.