Jasmine You showed me the world When I was all locked up inside, You reached out your hand And took me on a magic carpet ride One look at your smile, And I could see the light Shining everywhere People like you don't come out of thin air.

Aladdin Oh, Jasmine You don't understand There is so much that you don't see Just think, if you can, What growing up had to be like for me Your father's a man Who taught you who you are-- Mine was never there So how can you say I don't come out of thin air? There's so much I want to know

Jasmine You've got the chance to learn

Aladdin If it means I'd have to go--

Jasmine I'll be right here when you return... Our wedding can wait

Aladdin I love you

Jasmine I think it's worth this small delay

Aladdin Maybe you're right

Jasmine And won't it be great To have your father see our wedding day?

Aladdin I've waited so long

Jasmine It isn't too late

Aladdin To learn the truth

Both And now at last, we can finally say

Jasmine Your father is really there

Aladdin There's so much that we might share

Jasmine And you'll finally learn

Both (You) (I) don't come out of thin air