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Eden, Aladdin, Genie, Abu


Abis Mal, Haroud Hazi Bin

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Debi Derryberry


Some Enchanted Genie
The Book of Khartoum

Dhandi is an orphan girl from the Aladdin TV series. She is the master and friend of Eden.

She is voiced by Debi Derryberry.


She is a young orphan with short mesy hair that has large protruding bangs in the front and cut mostly evenly at the bottom. She wears a red robe and walks always barefoot.


She is a naiive, kind young orphan. This is evident in her first wish where she wishes for a simple sandwich (though Eden changes it so she will never go hungry again). She is easily excitable and generally easygoing and happy. She is fairly optimistic and caring, as she sacrificed her second wish to prevent Aladdin and Genie from turning into cockroaches by Abis Mal when she managed to get the bottle back from him. She was even going to use her third wish to free Eden. However, despite being young and naiive, she is a surprisingly quick thinker in certain situations as shown when she instantly grabbed the bottle to undo Abis Mal's wish of turning Aladdin and Genie into cockroaches and when she managed to distract them when they first caught her by lying about where her genie was (though it wasn't too hard to trick Abis Mal).


Some Enchanted Genie

She first appears in Some Enchanted Genie where she inadvertently sets Eden free. Her first wish is for a simple sandwich but Eden changes it so she will never go hungry again for the rest of her life. Later, she meets Genie who was trying to introduce himself to Eden but Eden mistakenly believed he was trying to compete with her to be Dhandi's genie. He then began making gumdrop pizza for her, to Eden's annoyance as she insisted pepperoni was classic. This caused them to create a leaning tower of pizza and prompting Dhandi to be impressed and voice it. She then stated she enjoyed both pizzas, especially together. When Genie asked Eden on a date and cleared up the misunderstanding, she initially rejected since she wanted to be there for Dhandi but Dhandi said she would go on a date, to Een's happiness. Later, she was kidnapped by Abis Mal and Haroud and did a fairly good tricking and stalling the two for some time but was eventually forced to reveal the location of the bottle and subsequently trapped in a cage. When Genie saw Abis Mal and Eden, he thought they were working together and using Dhandi as a ploy which she tried to protest and clear the misunderstanding. When Abis Mal tried to use his third to turn Aladdin and Genie into cockroaches, she uses her second wish to undo his wish. Genie frees her from the cage and she then is about to use her final wish to free Eden but accidentally instead wishes to be with Eden, much to Genie's disappointment. However, he understands Dhandi needs Eden more, causing Dhandi to hug him in thanks and Eden proclaims they have eternity to be together.

The Book of Khartoum

She appears for a brief time explaining to Aladdin how Eden is worried for Genie and hasn't stopped talking about him since they met. When Eden heads to Mozenrath's lair, Aladdin advises her to stay at the palace out of danger.