Cave of Wonders
The Cave Of Wonders
Full name

Cave of Wonders




Cave of Wonders


Tiger, God



Voiced by

Frank Welker


Aladdin (film)
The Return of Jafar (cameo)
Aladdin (TV series) (cameo)
House of Mouse

The Cave of Wonders is a magical cave out in the desert which only reveals itself when two halves of a Golden Scarab Beetle are reunited in which it will lead whoever places the two halves together to the Cave. When The Cave is found it appears as a tiger's head with its eyes being made out of the two halves of the Golden Scarab Beetle. It is here in the Cave, where Genie's Lamp resided and later on Jafar's Lamp. According to the Magic of the Cave the only one capable of entering the cave is "the diamond in the rough" aka Aladdin. The Cave is also known to be the former resting place of Magic Carpet which was found in the treasure room. When the Forbidden Treasure is touched, The Cave roars as if in pain and returns to the sand where the two halves of a Golden Scarab falls powerless.

Known Visitors:

  • Genie: Who resided in The Cave in his Lamp.
  • Gazeem: a Thief from the Aladdin film who met his end at The Cave after being swallowed whole by the desert.
  • Jafar: a power-hungry sorcerer later transformed into a Djinn who was banished inside his lamp to the Cave of Wonders.
  • Abis Mal Mal: Through somehow, after Jafar was banished to the Cave, Abis Mal found it inside a well.
  • Aladdin: a Diamond In The Rough that allow him to enter The Cave Of Wonders.


  • The Cave's voice sounds very similar to Dr Claw since both are voiced by Frank Welker.


  • "Who disturbs my slumber?"
  • "Know this only one may enter here one who lies far within the diamond in the rough."
  • "Seek thee out the diamond in the rough."
  • "Proceed touch nothing but the Lamp!"
  • "Proceed touch nothing Or you never see the light of day".
  • "Infidels! You have touched the forbidden treasure, now you will never again see the light of day!"


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