Captain Al Bahtross
Captain Al Bahtross



Sailor, Captain


Aladdin, Genie, IAgo, Abu, Carpet

Voiced by

Jason Alexander

Captain Al Bahtross is a minor character who appeared in the Aladdin episode: Plunder the Sea.

He is known as the nautical hero who defeated the Seven Fleets of Jambalaya. He always smiles and speaks in third person. His ship is covered with little red flags to mark the number of victories he won during his adventures at sea. His name is a comical adaptation of a sea bird known as an "Albatross". He was voiced by Jason Alexander.



He is a brave soldier but takes stupid risks just to prove how manly he is.


Captain Al Bahtross is a nautical hero. According to the Sultan, he has defeated the Seven Fleets of Jambalaya. Aladdin becomes jealous when he hears Jasmine and the Sultan talk about how much of a hero Al Bahtross is and goes to his ship. Aladdin and friends become part of his crew but they become annoyed by themany risks Al Bahtross takes. They are later captured by a mechanical monster and Mechanicles the creator explains he is steaming the ocean. Al Bahtross manages to get them to escape their cage by bending the bars but Mechanicles opens a trap door underneath them. Genei saves everyone and Al Bahtross tries to ram the monster despite Aladdin's warning causing the tw to fight. When they reach the surface, Al Bahtross sees that his ship is being destroyed and fights the machine's tentacles. After Aladdin destroys Mechanicles' machine, Al Bahtross thinks he defeated the monster.