Ayam Aghoul
Ayam Aghoul
Full name

Ayam Aghoul






Ruler of the Netherworld


Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, Iago, The Sultan, Razoul, Royal Guards, Rajah, Pharabu, Carpet

Voiced by

Hamilton Camp


The Spice is Right
Sea No Evil
As the Netherworld Turns
The Shadow Knows


He looks like a skeleton and wears a purple robe with gold and dark purple lining at the sash and lining. He wears a tall gold cylindrical crown and a cape held by a purple stone. He is extremely pale with a long head to match.


He is vain, vengeful evil and sadistic. He enjoys getting what he wants, even against other people's wills. He desires to spread his chaos everywhere simply to make others miserably and is spiteful, capable of holding a grduge as shown through his grudge with Aladdin.


The Spice is Right

As the Netherworld Turns

Sea no Evil

The Shadow Knows


Aghoul is an undead sorcerer who makes use of various evil magics, demons, and undead servants. He often conjures explosive skulls to throw at his enemies but has conjured other items, like a scythe. Still, Aghoul has demonstrated other dark powers, such as transforming into a literal whirlwind of destruction, conjuring skeleton servants, giving life to his own shadow, which can give life to other shadows and also make them evil, trapping others in conjured spiderwebs, summoning and controlling eels, creating a conch shell that, when blown, opens a pathway through an ocean, invulnerability and great durability to pain afforded to him by his undead status, energy-blasts, enchanting others in complete paralysis, teleportation, and levitation. He has implied he can bring about plagues, like locusts and blood worms.



He has several wives, all of whom are undead and whom he forced to marry by binding them to him with a necklace.

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