El Katib (Shadow Walker)



Agrabah (Formerly) Morbias (Formerly) Shadow Realm (Formerly)


El Khatib (formerly) Traveler and Do Gooder


Aladdin, Wahid, Abu, Carpet, Genie, Iago, Mirage (formerly), El Katib (formerly)


Mirage, El Katib Aladdin, (formerly) Abu, (formerly) Iago, (formerly) Genie, (formerly) Magic Carpet (formerly)

Voiced by

Michael Bell


The Lost Ones


Like Aladdin he was a street rat and possibly orphan who defied authority, often stealing jewels and money from people and dreamed of making something of himself. He would eventually be recruited into the El Khatib working for Mirage which he accepted not knowing the consequences of his actions.


Young Lost

As a boy he wore grey clothing consisting of a small grey fez and tattered grey shirt with shorts. He had shaggy hair like Aladdin and was scrawnier and had darker skin than Aladdin.

As a Shadow Stalker, Amal appears to be large with mottle-green fur, cat-like eyes and long ears. He also has claws and sharp, canine fangs.


As a child, he often defied authority and stole money which Aladdin reprimanded him for. He always dreamed of hitting it big, and believed he had discovered a way to become somebody by becoming El Khatib. As El Khatib, due to having a seed of darkness implanted in his heart as a result of wanting to do whatever it took to achieve power, he was selfish and cruel, trying to tempt other children to become El Khatib as well. Despite this, he still held some good in him as he couldn't kill Aladdin, as he was his friend. When Mirage leaves him to die for his defiance, he survives because he loses his seed of darkness and decides to go traveling in order to make amends for his past. He was also immortal but at the cost of dying if he should step out of the Shadow Realm aside from every seven years on the night of a full moon.


He was incredibly strong and could scale walls. He could also teleport and deflect magic.


Amal had fully transformed into a Shadow-Walker and during the three nights of the full moon every seven years sought out potential recruits. On the third night, Amal would reunite with Aladdin while recruiting a boy Wahid. Wahid revealed he willingly joined the Elk Khatib, making Aladdin realize Amal had become one as well, with Amal confirming his suspicions. He and Wahid flee through a portal but Genie catches it and the two head to the world of the El Khatib. Aladdin reasons someone was behind the El Khatib besides Amal since Amal was captured by the El Khatib and it turns outto be Mirage. Mriage releases her captives, saying they were unworthy to be El Khatib and reveals she created the El Khatib. She tries to leave with the El Khatib, but Wahid refuses and Aladdin reveals the truth behind he El Khatib to Wahid, with Amal as an example: The El Katib can only walk the earth for three nights once every seven years, and he would be bound to serve Mirage forever, and if he didn't enter the Shadow Realm before the moon set, he'd die. Aladdin bargained with Mirage: Return Wahid to normal and she'd have Aladdin as her servant. She agreed but was tricked, and sent the El Katib on Aladdin and his friends. Amal refused to kill Aladdin saying he was his friend and Mirage dooms all of the El Khatib to die. All do except for Wahid and Amal who lose their seed of evil. Amal only has his right arm restored to normal but decides to go on a journey to do good, since each time he does he regains his humanity and to also repent.

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