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Aladdin is a television series that aired from 1994 to 1995, and picked up the Aladdin storyline between the movies, The Return of Jafar, and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. It had 86 episodes, for a total of 3 seasons, and the voices for the main characters were provided by all the original characters except Genie. Jafar appears once in a crossover episode with Hercules: The Animated Series.

Season 1

  • Air Feather Friends
  • Bad Mood Rising
  • To Cure a Thief
  • Do the Rat Thing
  • Never Say Nefir
  • Geting the Bugs Out
  • The Vapor Chase
  • Garden of Evil
  • Much Abu About Something
  • My Fair Aladdin
  • Some Enchanted Genie
  • Web of Fear
  • Mudder's Day
  • Plunder the Sea
  • I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like
  • Fowl Weather
  • Forget Me Lots
  • Scare Necessities
  • SandSwitch
  • Lost and Founded
  • Moonlight Madness
  • The Flawed Couple
  • Rain of Terror
  • Dune Quixote
  • The Day the Bird Stood Still
  • Of Ice and Men
  • Opposites Detract
  • Caught by the Tale
  • Elemental, My Dear Jasmine
  • Smolder and Wiser
  • The Game
  • Poor Iago
  • The Animal Kingdom
  • Power to the Parrot
  • The Sands of Fate
  • The Citadel
  • Snowman Is an Island
  • The Secret of Dagger Rock
  • In the Heat of the Fright
  • The Seven Faces of Genie
  • The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath
  • A Clockwork Hero
  • Mission Imp Possible
  • Stinkerbelle
  • Shadow of a Doubt
  • Smells Like Trouble
  • The Way We War
  • Night of the Living Mud
  • Egg-stra Protection
  • Heads, You Lose
  • The Love Bug
  • When Chaos Comes Calling
  • Armored and Dangerous
  • Shark Treatment
  • Black Sand
  • Love at First Sprite
  • Vocal Hero
  • The Lost City of the Sun
  • As the Netherworld Turns
  • Seems Like Old Crimes (Part 1)
  • Seems Like Old Crimes (Part 2)
  • From Hippsodeth, With Love
  • Destiny on Fire
  • The Return of Malcho

Season 2

  • Raiders of the Lost Shark
  • Sneeze the Day
  • The Prophet Motive
  • That Stinking Feeling
  • Beast or Famine
  • The Spice Is Right
  • Hero with a Thousand Feathers
  • Witch Way Did She Go?
  • Sea No Evil
  • A Sultan Worth His Salt
  • Genie Hunt
  • The Lost Ones
  • Eye of the Beholder

Season 3

  • The Hunted
  • Riders Redux
  • The Book of Khartoum
  • While the City Snoozes
  • Two to Tangle
  • The Ethereal
  • The Shadow Knows
  • The Great Rift
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