Full name







Thief (formerly) Do gooder/Donater (currently)


Iago (formerly)

Voiced by

Jim Cummings


The Flawed Couple
Caught By The Tale
Smolder And Wiser
Poor Iago


He is a large thief with a strange fez and weras grey clothing with a brown vest.


He is an unintelligent but strong thief who speaks in third person. He reformd in Poor Iago after hearing Iago's speech about rich and poor people and has since become a do gooder, donating money to orphanages and the poor. He does not like being called a goon, saying he is just misunderstood.


He appears briefly in Smolder and Wiser playing darts with Abis Mal.While Abis Mal clearly was better, Abis Mal was threatened when he saw how many sharp objects and weapons he threw at the dart board and said it was his win.

In Poor Iago he is shown stealing but after hearing Iago's speech about rich and poor people, he gives up stealing and joins the bird on hi quest to spread word of his beliefs. However the two face trouble when Abis Mal and Haroud mistake Iago for the golden bird who will lead them to treasure and kidnap Abu, forcing Akbar and Iago to do nothing as it would put Abu at jeopardy. Iago takes them to a rock and pretends to do a dance to summon the treasure. While Abis Mal and Haroud go to the top, Iago frees Abu with Akbar trying to stop Abis Mal. When the guards and villagers come and pounce on Iago, causing them to hit the rock and find an untapped water source, Iago is knocked unconscious, to Akbar's sadness. He is overjoyed when Iago is awake but disappointed when Iago has gone back to his greedy ways and gives back his present from Iago, Genie's lamp and leaves with the rest of the treasure to give to the orphanage.


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