Ajed Al Gebraic
Ajed Al-Gebraic





Little cottage on cliff, somewhere in high mountains


Genie's old master

Voiced by

Johnathon Harris



Behind his gentle senile old man facade lies a greedy and selfish man who sees Genie as a servant, not a friend.


When Genie is being hunted by the Muktar, Aladdin assumes it to be one of his old masters. Genie remarks all his masters are dead but then remembers that he was traded by Ajed for immortality. They arrive at his little cottage on a cliff, high in the mountains. When Aladdin knocks on the door, he answers and is surprised to see Genie. At first, Genie is angry at Ajed for trading him to a sorcerer in return for eternal life but Ajed says he should've asked for eternal youth as well and invites everyone in. He quickly wins Genie's trust but Aladdin begins to suspect something is off about him as he tries to prevent them from leaving, only to learn Ajed was stalling for time until the Muktar came to capture Genie and make him his personal servant. However, after seeing Aladdin sacrifice himself for Genie, he becomes disgusted by the act and says he will wait until Aladdin dies before trying to caputre Genie again, not knowing the Muktar will be retired by then.


He traded genie to a wizard for immortality but didn't know it didn't come with eternal youth.

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