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Abis Mal is the secondary antagonist in The Return of Jafar and the main antagonist in Aladdin. He is a clumsy and idiotic thief that battles Aladdin. He is voiced by Jason Alexander.
Abis Mal
Full name

Abis Mal








Haroud Hazi Bin, Jafar (deceased), Mechanicles


Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie Abu, Carpet, Iago



The Return of Jafar

The Return of Jafar opens with Abis Mal and his minions in their hideout stealing money from Agrabah, with Abis Mal deciding keeping all the gold and treasures for himself and only give his men 13 coins for all their work, much to the anger of his gang. Aladdin ultimately intervened, making a fool out of Abis Mal and taking all the treasure, with the intent to return it to those who need the money. Later, Abis crosses paths with Aladdin on the Agrabah streets, and orders his minions to attack. Abis winds up in another embarrassing defeat when Iago gets in the fray.

That evening, while Abis was drawing water from a well, his gang decided to do away with their double-crossing boss. Just before they arrive, though, Abis pulls up a black lamp and unintentionally releases Jafar, scaring Abis's would-be murderers in the process. Knowing that as a genie he could not directly kill Aladdin, Jafar saw a chance for revenge through Abis's partnership. Of course, he was still required to grant Abis's three wishes. Abis's first wish was to have "The Legendary Sunken Treasure Ship of Gordumare" and Jafar granted it by teleporting himself and Abis to the ship itself, which was at the bottom of the ocean. Unable to breathe underwater, Abis then had to forfeit his second wish to return to the desert. Now down to one wish and threatened by Jafar to work with him if he wanted it, Abis became Jafar's unfortunate patsy; however, when he discovered that Jafar desired revenge on Aladdin, Abis willingly decided to go along with him to get his own revenge on Aladdin.

The two succeed in capturing all of Aladdin's friends, with the ultimate finish being that Aladdin would be executed for the murder of the Sultan (although the real Sultan was still alive and captured). With his goals complete, Jafar then offers Abis Mal (technically Jafar's "master") huge amounts of gold and treasure in return for using his last wish to free Jafar. Abis, however, is not convinced that Jafar's claim is true and hesitates from wishing, suspecting that after making the wish all the treasure Jafar had conjured would merely vanish. Aladdin quickly moves in to capture Jafar's lamp in Abis's moment of hesitation and quickly incurs Jafar's wrath. During the fight, Abis Mal winds up tangled in a tree, where he stays for the rest of the film. While he is stuck there, the protagonists battle Jafar and manage to destroy the lamp with Iago's help, thus destroying Jafar permanently. In the very end after the credits Abis Mal is still tangled in the tree. He then sadly decides "Does this mean I don't get my third wish?" and bows in respect, realizing that with Jafar and the lamp gone, he can never have his third wish.

Aladdin TV. Series

Abis Mal makes several appearances in the Aladdin TV. Series, usually using something magical to try and take over Agrabah. Such situations include, using a magic powder to create a smoke being called Sootinai to steal for him, using the Rose of Forgetfulness to make Jasmine believe she is his daughter, and using a magical hourglass to go back in time and make his ancestor, Abnor Mal, the sultan and thus making Abis Mal sultan in the present. Abis Mal's schemes always fail or backfire, usually due to his own stupidity.

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